Bulk Create Attestations

For certain use cases, issuers may want to create attestations in bulk to save on transaction fees. Verax has support for both bulk attestation creation and bulk revocation as well.

The AbstractPortal contract that every portal inherits from defines the following function:

function bulkAttest(
    AttestationPayload[] memory attestationsPayloads,
    bytes[][] memory validationPayloads
) public payable;

This function is like the normal attest function but with a couple of differences. First, it takes an array of AttestationPayload structs as the first parameter, each one corresponding to a single attestation. Second, it takes a two-dimensional array of validationPayloads in the second parameter. The first dimension of the array is a validation payload for each respective attestation payload, the second dimension is the validation payload for each module in the module chain, to verify the respective attestation.

Bulk Revocation of Attestations

Revoking attestations in bulk is basically the same as revoking a single attestation. This is the function that does it:

function bulkRevoke(bytes32[] memory attestationIds, bytes32[] memory replacedBy);

The two arrays need to be the same size, with each element in the replacedBy parameter corresponding to the element in the same position in the attestationIds parameter. After that, the same verification checks are performed by the attestation registry.

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